The Future of Recruitment

Recruitment Strategy 2007

Until today, Recruitment agencies and HR Departments using their talent strategy based on technologies from 2007.

This old strategy means; using costly Job Boards to publish job vacancies. These Job Boards charging $200 to $400 per job and jobs are posted for 30 days. The result is that after four days your job ends up on page seven.

Job Boards claim that thousands of job seekers visiting daily their platforms.. The truth is that job seekers searching for specific jobs, on specific keywords, in particular areas. The chance that your post was not visible is very high, and therefore very expensive.

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Welcome to the Future

With Funnelting, we are changing the beautiful recruitment market. The speed and accuracy in sourcing the right talent with Funnelting are record-breaking. Never before recruitment agencies reduced their advertising costs with 90% and still reached, and placed more qualified candidates than ever before.

Run your Recruitment Business for as Low as $49 Per Month

One Platform with Four Solutions

With Funnelting you have your own Job Board for candidates to apply on, an Automated Email Marketing System to automatically engage with your candidates, an Ads-Manager to show your vacancies to right people and therefore reaching proactively more individuals, also those who might not actively searching for a new job. Also, we added a fantastic CRM Tool to manage your business where you never miss any opportunity and grow your business.

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