Nominated for best startup

When building a startup that makes a positive impact on peoples lives, then you know that you are doing the right thing. Especially when as a business owner you get a message that you are in the list of most promising startups in Europe. It is not a reward, it is a confirmation that we are on the right track. Changing peoples lives is a noble thought. Although we not there yet, we know that with the help of great international companies we already impact many families across the globe. Ordinary people who seeking a chance to build up a small business and make a living. An (additional) income that changes the way we live.

As I already mentioned, we are not there yet. We need more companies willing to change they way they recruit new candidates. Because what we do is new, it doesn’t exist. And therefore it is difficult for us to explain the possibilities companies enjoy when working with us. They support families and simultaneously save up on their recruitment expenses. We see an average of 40% recruitment savings and yet building up a healthy talent-pipeline in a speed like never before. It takes time to reach companies and showcase our solution. The good thing is, ninety percent of the companies immediately start using our solution. Because they have nothing to lose.

More and more recruiters joining our service and building up a sustainable small business. It is great to see that people from all over the world enjoying the services we offer. Whether they are running their small recruitment firm from Miami, Amsterdam or Kenya. We accomplished what we wanted to achieve; To provide equal business opportunities.