Indeed just terminated our account

We where using Indeed to search for Independent Recruiters. In the description was written that we are growing fast and that we offer the possibility to run your own recruitment agency together with the help of great national and international companies. In the last four weeks over 500 people reacted and saw the fantastic opportunity we offer. Almost 350 people joined our online presentations and many signed up and are eager to start working and building their small recruitment business. Funnelting offers what others don’t. We offer clients, we offer support and we offer state of the art technology to run your entire business.

And now we received an email from Indeed telling us that we are not welcome anymore at their platform. According the Quality Team we are not the type of business which should post opportunities on their platform. However we could appeal their decision, what we did of course. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding. Within an hour after our appeal we received a new email from their quality department stating; We have reviewed your account and we found it unsuitable!

Of course we reacted on their findings, but we never received an answer anymore. Maybe it is just the idea that we might steal business away from them? If that’s the case, well, then we definitely are making the recruitment monopolists very nervous.