Earn Extra Recruitment Income

Bring a company to Funnelting, and earn 1% Fee for every placement

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How does this work?

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact@funnelting.com

What do I need to do?

Look for companies who want to publish their vacancies Funnelting. We can provide you with marketing material.

How much will I earn?

You will earn 1% for every hiring that company does. If for example a companies hires a candidate who earns $40.000 per year, you will receive $400.

If I found a company who might be interested?

Share with us the details of that company in the form below. Our team will reach out to pitch and showcase our solution.

Do I need to be a connected recruiter to do this?

Yes, it is necessary that you are a recruiter with Funnelting.

What happens when that company upload their vacancies?

The company you forwarded will be linked to your account. These companies will pay 7% recruitment fee. Six percent goes to the recruiter who submitted the hired candidate and one percent goes to you.

For how long I will receive Placement Fee for my submitted company?

For the period of 12 months. The months start counting at the moment a submitted company starts uploading their vacancies.