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Listen to Marlon how he simply explains how to run your Recruitment Agency, including a platform full with clients for just €49 per month.

We are changing the world of Recruitment and we are creating equal business opportunities! Because companies love to do business with you!

How to get started

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Find the jobs you like to work on

Scroll through hundreds of vacancies you want to work on. You can easily view your potential earnings when submitting the hired candidate.


Find suitable candidates!

With Funnelting you find multiple suitable candidates. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a single job advertisement, we invented GeoFence Recruitment. Ideal when looking for specific skillsets or multiple candidates for a specific role.

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Submit your candidates

In FunnelRecruit you submit your candidates directly to the hiring company. You can easily follow the progress of your candidates.


CRM System to Manage your Business

We created an awesome CRM tool where all your candidates are safely and securely stored with the latest encrypted technology. Easy when contacting multiple candidates in your database when you want to inform them about new positions.

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Start Recruiting Today - 7-day Trial
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Get paid.

When your candidate(s) are hired, you receive the recruitment fee into your bankaccount of choice.

Where Businesses Support Small Businesses


Get Access to FunnelRecruit

FunnelRecruit is our platform where companies posting their job vacancies. Only Funnelting users have access to FunnelRecruit. From here you can start building your recruitment agency and make money. Hundreds of vacancies from various fantastic companies.

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