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When running a home-base recruitment agency you need clients. Therefore we designed a platform for companies who love to support small recruitment agencies. As a Funnelting user you join access to this platform where you can start recruiting immediately.

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What is FunnelRecruit?

The recruitment industry is a very traditional industry. Last year companies spent over 550 Billion Dollar on recruitment and HR services. Two-third of this amount went to a few large organisations. Small home-base recruiters have no chance to exist because of the extreme high costs and the monopoly they have to face. With Funnelting we changed that. And with FunnelRecruit™ we changing the mindset of the hiring companies.

When companies use FunnelRecruit™ to publish their vacancies, they automatically support home-based recruiters, and simultaneously saving costs and time. We see that large enterprises and medium sized businesses, love the idea to support small businesses. They also learn that small recruitment companies are defined by their spirit and commitment.

"Small businesses are important for the economy and society, therefore we play a part in their survival"

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View, recruit, submit and get paid

In FunnelRecruit™ you can view open vacancies and with Funnelting you search easily for matching candidates. Just upload your candidate details and CV into the JobCast, and the hiring company will review and interview your candidate. If your candidate was successful and will be hired, you earned the recruitment Fee.

Small businesses are important for the economy and society, therefore we play a part in their survival

Start Recruiting Today


Learn to be the best

Next to Funnelting and FunnelRecruit, we have a free trainings academy for our users. Here you learn everything about recruitment. Whether it's about interviewing skills or the legal aspects, we teach you everything you need to know.

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If you are a company and would like to support small businesses

"Make a world of difference"

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