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Our story is short and simple

We want to provide a powerful platform which enables businesses to be successful, and is available for everyone!

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Passionate about creating the best business solution on the market!

Our Mission

At Funnelting we believe that everyone should be able to run a successful business. With that purpose, we created a multifunctional platform which embeds all the necessary tools for a price which everyone can afford, and have a chance to grow their business.

Our Vision

Software must be easy to use. We designed Funnelting so smart that everyone who can turn on a computer, can work with the platform. Funnelting is designed for all types of businesses, online or offline.

From The Founder

I believe that every business owner should have access to the most powerful tools and that they are affordable and easy to use. Not four different platforms, but one platform with four solutions.

The years I was working for Apple I learned a few valuable lessons. Don't take everything for granted, and challenge the status quo. With that focus, I designed Funnelting. A total solution where existing businesses, startups, or people who are planning to start a business, have everything they need to be successful in just one place. And yet for a price which everyone can afford.

Marlon van Horck

Our Timeline

Funnelting was founded to help businesses, and it still paves the way we work today.

  1. Started developing our platform

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    A team of 14 talented developers with different skillsets started building the platform

  2. Got the first 100 users

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    During May and July, we welcomed our first 100 users.

  3. Added 6 new features

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    Innovation is our biggest focus. We learned from our user's feedback and implemented various new features.

  4. Team size increased to 26

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    Almost one year after we started building the platform, we grew our team to 26 talented individuals. Besides software developers we hired marketing specialists, customer loyalty specialists and graphic designers.